Sarson’s is proud to serve quality fish and chip shops of Great Britain and as part of our ongoing commitment we are delighted to be official sponsors of the NFFF Fish & Chip Quality Accreditation Scheme.

Much like the accreditation itself, Sarson’s has always been a sign of a quality fish and chip shop. As the UK’s No. 1 Malt Vinegar, Sarson’s has been craft brewed in the UK using the same method for over 200 years. This unique process gives it the taste your customers love, as well as its distinctive kick that works so well with chip shop chips. 

Little wonder therefore that independent research has shown that 9 out of 10 fish and chip shop customers would prefer their fish and chips sprinkled with Sarson’s Malt Vinegar rather than Non-Brewed Condiment (NBC). Whilst 90% of customers prefer to see the brands they know and trust when it comes to condiments when eating out and 3 out of 4 consumers consider a fish and chip shop that offers branded condiments to be a more quality establishment than those serving unbranded.* 

So, show your customers that you are a quality establishment with the NFFF Fish & Chip Quality Accreditation and Sarson’s – together they’re the unmistakable sign of a quality fish and chip shop. 

Sarson’s is available in a range of formats to suit your business available from leading wholesalers:  

  • 300ml Iconic Bottles – perfect for table/counter service and take-home sales 
  • 7g  Sachets – ideal for take away and delivery 
  • 20ltr, 5ltr & 2ltr Formats – suitable for back of house bulk use



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*Independent consumer insight Toluna June 2019, sample 504 consumers.