What is the NFFF Fish and Chip Quality Accreditation? 

It’s a fact that today, fish and chips are still Britain’s number one takeaway. The NFFF Fish & Chip Quality Accreditation Scheme is all about finding those shops throughout the UK that give their customers the BEST QUALITY fish and chips, assessing them against our quality benchmark and rewarding successful applicants who pass the inspection and the taste test, with the ‘BIG Q’ Quality Award sign.

This is so you can be assured of eating top quality fish and chips from a top quality fish and chip shop!

Launched in January 2011, replacing the previous Seafish Friers Quality Award, The NFFF Fish & Chip Quality Accreditation is a scheme aimed at improving standards and rewarding shops that provide top quality fish and chips in a clean, hygienic and safe environment.

You can eat with confidence when you see the big Q


Recognises the UK’s best quality and best tasting fish and chips by assessing them against a very high quality benchmark

Promotes the use of fish sourced from environmentally sustainable stocks to reduce the impact on fish numbers and the environment

Raises standards in the UK fish and chip shop sector by highlighting the professionalism of shop owners and their employees

Highlights the importance of producing high quality fish and chips in a first class environment inspected by industry professionals